Copake NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Copake town court is a small place in Columbia county meaning if you have received a New York speeding ticket or some other traffic violation you may have to appear in person at the Copake town court or hire an attorney to represent you. Mr. Kehoe has been representing clients with New York state traffic tickets since 1990 and offers some of the most affordable legal fees in the state. Please call our office or submit an inquiry here on our website for a free consultation with Mr. Kehoe regarding your traffic matter. We monitor emails and emails frequently. Insurance rates, license restriction, and points are usually the concern when it comes to traffic tickets. An attorney experienced with the local laws, prosecutors, and judges may be able to help you procure the best outcome possible. To speak with a Copake traffic lawyer, call our office at (518) 465-2211 or use the form provided to email us some details of your case. To best assist you, please have a copy of your ticket and/or any documents you have received from the court regarding your case.

How Much do Traffic Tickets Cost in Copake?

Fines for speeding and other violations of the Vehicle & Traffic law can be very high and even if the court will agree to reduce your charge to a parking ticket, fines are usually set around $100.00. Mandatory surcharges can range from $50.00 - $85.00 on average and special assessment fees for accumulatin 6 speeding points within 8 months start at $300.00. Auto insurance rates vary by provider and individual but convictions for speeding and other moving violations can dramatically increase the premiums you pay every year. We know how expensive and frustrating dealing with a traffic ticket can be in Copake and many other courts in New York state. Our office tries to make getting experienced counsel and representation as affordable as possible, offering reasonable legal fees that are quoted to you up front. If you would like to view some of the fines and fees some of our clients have paid for tickets in the town of Copake and other courts, please visit our website - Ny Speeding Ticket Fines. There, you can view details from real New York traffic ticket cases.

Columbia County DWI Defense

Attorney Randall Kehoe also handles DWI cases in the Hudson Valley including Columbia and Greene County. With increasingly tough penalties for those convicted of DWI, including the installation of an alcohol-sensing interlock device on offenders' vehicles, DWI charges must be handled carefully by someone with expertise in the field. Mr. Kehoe has many years experience handling these cases in local Capital Area and Hudson Valley courts and understands local policy. To discuss the details of your case with our office, please call, submit an online inquiry using our "Get Started Now" form or speak with someone from our office using Live Chat.

We may also be available for per diem appearance work in the Copake Town Court in Columbia County, NY. Please contact us with requests.